Kasich Expands Discrimination Protections to the LGBTQ Community

Kasich Expands Discrimination Protections

LGBTQA & Transgender State Employees in Ohio Get Protection from John Kasich


The Republican Governor who is virtually out the door has reversed his course on whether transgender Ohioans should be protected under the state employee anti-discrimination policy. This December, Kasich said YES and signed an executive order prohibiting discrimination of state employees on the basis of “gender identity or expression.”  Is this just a way for Kasich to bridge the political gap and pave the way for a 2020 Presidential bid, only Kasich knows the answer to that question, but maybe all politicians should take a page out of his play book.


The existing policy in Ohio, set by Kasich in 2011 did include an anti-discrimination policy based on sexual orientation, but now on his way out the door Kasich expanded this protection.  Kasich stated on Twitter “It’s just the right thing to do.”  Of course, the governor elect, Mike DeWine, another Republican will be left with the choice whether to continue the Kasich set policies.  At least for the time being the LGBTQ community has more protection in Ohio.


Transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and sexual orientation issues are in the forefront of American Politics.  Lawyers practicing in the Employment Discrimination World must be cognizant of the protections offered to the LGBTQ community.  Pennsylvania is not progressive, and the LGBTQ community is only afforded direct protection in the City and County of Philadelphia. Hopefully, this move by Kasich will prod Pennsylvania to move in the direction of affording protection to the LGBTQ community statewide.  Kasich believes that groups that are vulnerable to potential discrimination should be protected by the government.  We must all take a page out of the Governor’s playbook and push to have all groups properly represented when it comes down to discrimination.


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