Walmart's Employment Discrimination Culture

Walmart Violates Discrimination Policies

Walmart violates pregnancy discrimination policies and sexual harassment policies

Walmart Employee Discrimination

Walmart has been under fire recently with the EEOC and in Federal Courts for subjecting its employees to Pregnancy Discrimination, Sexual Harassment Discrimination, Disability Discrimination and Employment Discrimination.

Walmart has faced criticism and lawsuits nationally for allegedly punishing workers for medical and pregnancy related absences. Recently, Walmart announced a new paid time off policy that includes “protected PTO” for use in illnesses and emergencies, such as a flat tire or taking care of sick kids or family members. The announcement comes four months after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed suit against the corporation, alleging pregnancy discrimination.  This is Walmart’s attempt of a remedy to long standing harassing behaviors, but it just does not work.

I am preparing to file a claim with the Philadelphia EEOC for a former Walmart employee who was sexually harassed by two co-workers, one of which was her supervisor.  The former employee reported the harassment to management, her store manager and Human Resources, only to have her complaints rejected.  The employee requested shift changes and/or the permission to move to a new store.  Finally she requested that the harassers be terminated.  Again, all of her requests were rejected.  After repeated reports of this harassment, the employee was terminated for pretextual reasons.  Because of the repeated sexual harassment that included touching, groping, crass comments, requests for sexual favors and ultimate termination, the employee’s marriage failed and she was hospitalized.  Our complaint focuses on the systematic and repeated sexual harassment that the employee was subjected to and Walmart’s deaf ears to the employee’s cries for help.  Walmart has clearly violated Title VII and we are seeking damages to compensate the former employee including attorney’s fees.

In Oregon a former Walmart employee filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against Walmart, and two Walmart employees, Felicia “Flory” Durfee, an assistant manager, and manager Chris Majdecki. The lawsuit alleges unlawful employment practices, including sex discrimination, disability discrimination or retaliation, failure to accommodate or engage in the interactive process, violating the Oregon Family Leave Act, wrongful discharge in violation of public policy, and aiding and abetting discrimination.  This lawsuit focuses on the fact that the former employee had a disability that affected her ability to focus and required her to take medication that she was forced to stop because of her pregnancy.  The employee’s focus diminished and she was ultimately terminated in violation of policies that include Pregnancy Discrimination.

These two recent cases, one of which I am personally handling, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to employment discrimination, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and other EEOC violations that Walmart commits.  A search of Court Dockets prove that numerous claims are being filed regularly for discrimination at Walmart.

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