Why Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts are Not Good.

Arbitration Clauses Are NO GOOD!

Arbitration Clauses in Employment Agreements are NOT GOOD for the Employee.

I have vast experience in fighting Arbitration Clauses in Employment Agreements and Contracts.  Unfortunately, with limited success.  Yes, you heard it here…. a lawyer informing his readers that there is an area of the law that he has limited success.  Usually the arbitration clauses are upheld, and the employee is forced to present their case at a binding arbitration giving up their right to a day in Court before a Jury.  Just because lawyers have limited success with arbitration clauses, does not mean that you should not seek professional advice and just “toss in the towel.”  I always believe that there is a way to win.

Employment arbitration clauses handcuff the employee, and almost NEVER benefit the employee.  The arbitrations appear on their face to be a fair and impartial determination of the fact and law, but in essence, the system is rigged against the employee.  My advice is to NEVER sign them, or if you do it is imperative that you understand that if you have an issue with the company, the company will most likely win.  Arbitration Clauses are usually upheld in Court and just end up delaying any result for the employee.  Even when you are required to file a charge with an Administrative Agency, or the EEOC, the employer has no reason to resolve the matter as the company knows that their chances improve greatly at arbitration because the “cards are stacked” against the employee.

I write blog posts on a regular basis, providing information and advice to all of my readers, but this week I ran across the attached article in Bloomsberg Businessweek that is impeccably written and right on point.  I could not have written this better myself.  I encourage you, the reader to review this article and contact me if you need any further advice.  Remember that arbitration clauses are Hell for employees, but there is always a chance that the employee can win.

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