PA Foster Care Abuse - Foster Parents Staged Fights to Cover Tracks

PA Foster Care Abuse

Foster Care Abuse in Pennsylvania

Foster Care Family Beats and Abuses the Foster Children in Their Home – Stages Fights to Cover Up Their Tracks

It was reported that a Pennsylvania foster family stands accused of child abuse after police said children in their care had been beaten, starved and kept in dirty living conditions; subjecting the children in their care to Foster Care Abuse.

Brenda Parise, 60, Amy Parise, 32 and Shawn Parise, 30, were arrested by officers from Hazleton City Police following a months-long investigation, officials said. The Associated Press (AP) reported, citing the arrest affidavit, the accusations cover a period of six years.

The reports from the Police state that the family struck the children with hands, belts and a paddle. In some cases, the kids were deprived of food. When allowed to eat, they were made to be seated on the floor with their feet crossed and one hand kept behind their back.

The AP reported that the family tried to “cover their tracks” by staging a fight between some of the children, who were aged 3, 6 and 11 in 2011 when they entered into their care.  The arrest affidavit said the fight was staged to “mislead” the Luzerne County’s child welfare agency. In another instance, the two women gave the children more medication than they were prescribed. The three children were reportedly in the family’s care until December 2017.

Police said Brenda Parise was charged with six counts of endangering welfare of children simple assault and harassment. Amy Parise, her daughter, faced the same charges plus corruption of minors. Shawn Parise was handed three counts of simple assault and harassment.  Bail has not been met to date.

This behavior is simply unacceptable in society. Children have been placed in foster care and now are being subjected to Foster Care Abuse.  The real question to be asked at this time is how can the agencies that are in place to protect children in foster care, simply miss the signs and permit this Foster Care Abuse to continue.  This is where the civil lawyer must get involved.

Robert Maizel is not only an advocate for the children, but also represents the children subjected to Foster Care Abuse.

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