Sexual Harassment Allegations in Sanders 2016 Campaign

Sexual Harassment Sanders Campaign

Sexual Harassment Allegations in Sanders 2016 Campaign

I am not writing this blog post because I support or oppose Senator Bernie Sanders and his political beliefs and agendas.  Really, this is an expose on the fact that Sexual Harassment happens in all avenues of employment, and in a wide variety of settings.  No one is impervious to being subjected to Sexual Harassment; #MeToo.

Senator Bernie Sanders and his chief lieutenants are offering contrition and defiance as they face allegations of sexual harassment that plagued his last presidential campaign in 2016 and now threaten to derail a second White House bid before it begins, if it will begin.

Hours after a New York Times report detailed allegations of unwanted sexual advances and pay inequity on his first campaign, Sanders apologized late Wednesday “to any woman who felt that she was not treated appropriately.”  “Of course, if I run again, we will do better next time,” Sanders told CNN.

Yet there were immediate signs that the allegations, which did not directly involve Sanders, could hurt the self-described democratic socialist’s 2020 ambitions in the midst of the #MeToo era. In the wake of the report, some Democratic activists and operatives complained about the aggressive culture during the first campaign when male staffers and supporters were sometimes labeled “Bernie bros.”

The timing could not be worse for Sanders, who is gearing up for a second presidential bid. His senior adviser told the AP last month that Sanders would run a “much bigger” operation and would start out as a front-runner if he ultimately decided to run.

Politico reported that more than two dozen former campaign workers and volunteers had requested a meeting with Sanders to discuss sexual harassment and sexual violence that occurred during the 2016 campaign.

The NY Times detailed one situation in which a campaign surrogate touched a strategist’s hair in a “sexual way,” among other unwanted advances. The NY Times also reported that in some cases, women were expected to sleep in the same quarters as men they didn’t know. Others discovered examples of men who were paid significantly more for doing similar jobs.

There are other allegations of Sexual Harassment as well; non of which directly involve Sanders.

In today’s world, Sexual Harassment must be taken extremely seriously and no facet of American Culture is immune to Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo World.  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 offers protection from Sexual Harassment and all employees must be aware, and bring claims where they believe that they have been sexually harassed, are not treated equally, or denied promotion on the basis of sex. #MeToo moments don’t only happen in Hollywood, they happen in your workplace.  Human Resources Directors must be aware of such allegations and must take swift action.  When they don’t, attorneys must be involved to protect the harassed party.

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