Foster Care Abuse - A System Stretched To Far

Foster Care Neglect

Foster Care Abuse – Foster Care Neglect

Each year, thousands of children in the Foster Care System are abused, neglected, injured and harmed by their foster parents. The agencies set up to monitor and protect these foster children fail simply because they are stretched too far.

A common theme expressed by caseworkers is that there are simply too many cases for us to handle them properly.  ABC News Reports that “Most of the caseworkers in this country are inadequately trained, do not have the educational background to do the job, and have caseloads too high for any human being to handle, no matter how well-trained they are.”  This is not to say that all caseworkers or agencies have bad intent, but rather that there are simply too many cases for the caseworkers to handle the cases properly.

Children’s lives are not cases.  Lawyers must not permit the children to be treated as simply a number.

Caseworkers are Overworked and Children are the Victims

Caseworkers are handling 70-100 cases and are required to visit each child personally.  This is simply impossible.  Workers are juggling the required paperwork, performing assessments and visiting the families.  Choices are being made whether to complete the paperwork or visit the children, and unfortunately paperwork is being completed simply because the paperwork is a job requirement.  How is this possible that the children are being harmed and neglected for paperwork?

Foster Care Abuse Lawsuits – Foster Care Neglect

Lawsuits are now being filed to help protect foster children who have been subjected to Foster Care Neglect.  Personally, we handle these foster care abuse actions in order to help correct the system and to “try to right the ship” for the children.  In most of these cases, we see that not only does the caseworker fail the child, but medical professionals and even the District Attorneys or Lawyers (working as child advocates) are not protecting the children from abuse.  Physicians are not reporting foster care abuse and foster care neglect.  Legal child advocates are not properly presenting cases.  This must stop. Children must be represented.

It is not enough for agencies to rely on the excuse that the system is just stretched too far – and that is why there is foster care abuse or neglect.  Violators whose actions lead to children being abused or neglected must pay, and there are laws to protect these children.

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