Foster Parent Abuse $3 Million Settlement

Foster Parent Abuse $3 Million Settlement

San Diego County Agrees to a $3 Million Dollar Settlement For Law Suits Filed by Former Foster Care Children.

The County Failed to Stop Repeated & Reported Sexual Abuse of a Young Boy In Foster Care by His Foster Care Father.

When a 6-year-old boy identified as A.G. in court records told his social worker in January 2006 that his foster father was hurting him, she dismissed his request for a new home.  Then when staff members at a family recovery center saw A.G. acting out sexually in 2007, and told the county they suspected his foster father was abusing him, the county did not intervene. San Diego County sheriff’s deputies in 2008 took A.G. to the county’s emergency shelter for children after an incident involving a neighbor child, A.G. told social workers that he was being sexually abused. He was returned to his foster father, Michael Jarome Hayes, within 18 hours.

Those lapses are alleged in a 2016 lawsuit by A.G. and his twin brother, M.G. They are suing the county and 14 of its social workers for leaving them at Hayes’ mercy despite more than a dozen reports of suspected abuse from an educator, a lawyer, a psychologist and others.  County social workers allegedly ignored some reports completely. They failed to properly investigate others, deciding again and again to the keep the children in Hayes’ home, according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the abuse only stopped in 2013 — more than seven years after the boy’s first complaint — when San Diego police officers responded to Hayes’ own report that A.G. ran away.  This is when Hayes was arrested and charged with 28 charges of sexual molestation of his foster children and other cousins.

The County now will pay over $3 million dollars as a result of the social workers failing to simply do their jobs.  These types of coverups and failures happen consistently in the Foster Care System.  They cannot go unreported.  Civil Lawyers get involved in Foster Care Abuse Cases to achieve monetary results for children who have been abused in the foster care system.  If you or someone you know has been abused in the Foster Care System, contact Robert Maizel immediately for a confidential consultation.


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