Les Moonves Steps Down as Head of CBS

Les Moonves Steps Down as Head of CBS

Les Moonves Steps Down as Head of CBS

Six more women accuse Les Moonves of Sexual Harassment as the Head of CBS steps down. According to the women who first came forward, the abuse dates back to at least the 1980s, including forcible touching and kissing during business dealings, as well as physical intimidation and threats.

Last week it was reported that Moonves would be separating from CBS with a package worth more than $100 million dollars (partially in CBS stock), but it has been reported that he is due approximately $180 million in severance.  This is quite a handsome sum of money for a person who is stepping down because he was accused of Sexual Harassment.  This message sent here is that it is virtually permitted for powerful men to Sexually Harass women, and then walk away with a king’s ransom.

The latest reports of sexual misconduct allege that Moonves forced women to perform oral sex on him, and that he threatened women with physical violence and intimidation. He also exposed himself without consent, according to reports.  Moonves states that the encounters with women were consensual.

Moonves is one of the most powerful and recognizable men in television as he joined CBS in 1995.  He has battled with Howard Stern and even recently, Howard Stern was discussing Moonves on his national radio show on Sirius/XM.  Stern and Moonves had a long battle, and articles seem to point to Stern being “happy” that Moonves was accused of Sexual Harassment, but “happy” is not really the emotion that Stern conveyed.  Stern seems to have compete disgust for this type of behavior.

Sexual harassment in the workplace, whether coming from the “all powerful male boss,” a female boss like in the movie Horrible Bosses, or even a co-worker is simply not condoned.   Moonves is just another powerful man who has been exposed as not only a harasser, but as a boss seeking a quid pro quo exchange of sex for a position.  This type of action is prevalent in not only Hollywood, but in all facets of business and industry.  Sexual harassment MUST be reported.

In today’s climate, you need an experienced attorney who specializes in handling Sexual Harassment matters.  Women, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, must not be subjected to Sexual Harassment.  Men in power, your co-workers, other students, teachers, etc must be held accountable for their actions. Robert Maizel is an experienced attorney who specializes in Sexual Harassment actions.

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