Foster Care Abuse

Foster Care Abuse

Foster Care Abuse Attorney

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In Detroit, State Child Protective Services worker Elaina Brown did not believe a toddler was being abused or neglected when she visited the boy’s apartment to check on him and his mother.

Brown went to the apartment in April after receiving a report about the mother’s mental illness. She visited twice — then never saw the 3-year-old and his mother again.

A month later, Aaron Minor’s decomposed body was found inside the apartment, authorities said. His mother was in a psychiatric ward.

Brown and her supervisor, Kelly Williams, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree child abuse and willful neglect of duty. A judge will soon decide if the case will go to trial.

The child’s mother, Deanna Minor, 28, was charged in August with felony murder, second-degree murder, first- and second-degree child abuse and failure to report a dead body. She has been deemed incompetent to stand trial.

Although this neglect occurred within the home of the young child, this is the same type of abuse that young children in Foster Care are subjected to each and every day.

Naika Venant, a 14 year old girl in Foster Care was on Facebook Live for more than two hours before her suicide. Her viewers, some of them her friends, begged the 14-year-old to not go through with it.  Unfortunately, Naika went through with it and hung herself inside the bathroom of her Florida Foster Home. Reports have shown that Naika was abused since the age of 4 when she was left without food and water, at age 6 she was found with over 30 belt marks over her body after she was caught in sex acts with a male babysitter, and it was found that she suffered a lifetime of sexual abuse in Foster Care.

This type of Foster Care Abuse is prevalent and must be stopped.

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