Gender Discrimination at Nike

Gender Discrimination at Nike

Gender Discrimination / Sex Discrimination

Nike – The Athletic Shoe & Clothing Manufacturer has been sued in the U.S. District Court of Portland for alleged gender discrimination.  The suit alleges that Women are treated in an unequal and disparate manner as compared to men at Nike. This is one of the first suits to hit Nike since pay disparities have become evident this year.

The statistics done lie – on a global scale, currently 77 percent of Nike’s leadership team are men; 71 percent of its vice presidents are men; and 62 percent of its directors and senior directors are men.  In July, the company’s top human resources executive, Monique Matheson, acknowledged that Nike had failed to promote enough women.

In the instant suit the Plaintiffs accuse Nike of violating the Federal Equal Pay Act; the Oregon Equal Pay Act; and the Oregon Equality Act. However, they don’t ask for specific monetary damages. Rather they seek a court order requiring Nike to pay its employees fairly without regard to gender.  Regardless, it is evident that the Plaintiffs shall receive some form of monetary compensation, job security and most of all a reorganization at Nike securing positions for women.

Nike parted ways with at least 11 executives in March and April.  Trevor Edwards, Nike’s president was one of the first to hit the “chopping block” during this executive purge.

Monique Matheson authored a memo that was published by the Wall Street Journal recently.  This memo was a Nike internal document that went on to state: “While we’ve spoken about this many times, and tried different ways to achieve change, we have failed to gain traction – and our hiring and promotion decisions are not changing senior-level representation as quickly as we have wanted.”

It is clear that Nike has a “good old boys” network where women are subjected to gender discrimination and a “glass ceiling,” but hopefully this lawsuit will help bring an end to this culture at one of the World’s largest Brand and Manufacturer.

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