Foster Care Abuse Suit Filed

Foster Care Abuse Suit Filed

Foster Care Abuse

In San Diego California a lawsuit has been initiated where it is alleged that two young boys were sexually abused while in foster care.  Originally, San Diego sheriff’s deputies took one of the boys to the county’s emergency shelter for children.  The child was returned to his foster father, Michael Jarome Hayes within 18 hours.

The County suspected that the minor’s foster father was abusing him when the child acted out sexually, but again the County did not intervene.

The originally suspicions commenced in 2006 and 2007.  Now, those lapses are the focus of a lawsuit commenced by two brothers in San Diego County.

County social workers allegedly ignored the reports of the abuse, failed to investigate and failed to protect the minors.   The abuse supposedly lasted more than 7 years.  The Foster Father plead guilty in Criminal Court to 8 or 28 charges of sexual molestation and other crimes against the minors.

Foster Care Abuse is unfortunately rampant in this country.  Minors are subjected to the horrors of sexual abuse and physical abuse in foster homes. These minors need a voice, and that voice needs to be heard.

Robert Maizel, Esquire is an attorney who specializes in Foster Care Abuse Cases and will help all victims of this horrible abuse.  Robert Maizel investigates these claims fully, employs former FBI Agents to investigate the claims and pursues the actions to recover financially for the families and victims of Foster Care Abuse.


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