USA Diving Accused in Sexual Abuse Case

USA Diving Accused in Sexual Abuse Case

Indianapolis based USA Diving has been named in class action lawsuit. The organization is accused of ignoring accusations of sexual abuse involving young athletes.  Unfortunately, these allegations are akin to those brought recently against USA Gymnastics.

The Ohio State University Diving Club and its former coach William Bohonyi are also named in the suit. The diver who filed it claims her coach, Bohonyi, sexually abused her numerous times.  This is a classic case of having to report horrible actions and potentially give up your dream; there are no protections for the athletes.

While Ohio State eventually fired Bohonyi and notified USA Diving of the accusations, the suit claims it took USA Diving six months to ban him.

According to court documents, “USA Diving took no action to protect other female athletes from Bohonyi, even though they knew that Bohonyi was a serial sexual predator who had preyed on numerous female athletes.”

This story is developing.