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Robert Maizel rides and races bikes.  I know cycling injuries and I know the law!

I speak your language because not only am I cyclist, racing cyclist and bike rider; I am a million dollar verdict winning trial lawyer.  I get you Justice!

Don’t trust your bike accident case to just anyone… Trust me!  I ride, race and know what really happens on the road.  I know the Peloton and I know what happens when a car hits a bike, because not only do I ride, I have been hit by cars too.

What you Should Do if You are a Cyclist who was Hit by a Car

  • Make sure you are ok.

I know that this sound simple, but you have to make sure that you are ok.  If you have injuries, call an ambulance (911) immediately.  If you hit your head you probably have a concussion even if you were wearing a helmet.  Don’t forget, that your helmet only will survive one accident, so replace it immediately.

  • Call the Police.
  • Obtain the striking driver’s license plate number and State of Issue (Take a photo if you can).
  • Obtain the striking driver’s license number and State of Issue (Take a photo if you can).
  • Obtain the striking driver’s insurance information (Take a photo if you can).
  • If you were hit by a taxi cab, obtain the PUC Number of the taxi.
  • Take photos of the vehicle that struck you and the damage to their vehicle.
  • Go to the Hospital, Urgent Care or a Medical Provider immediately. 

It is not only important to make sure that you are ok, but you must go to a healthcare provider immediately to report all of your injuries.

Most times, a bike accident or bicycle accident with a car leads to very serious injuries. Even when wearing protective gear such as a helmet, the bicyclist is susceptible to a permanent or even fatal injury if struck by an automobile.  Cyclist sustain severe bulging or herniated disc injuries, elbow injuries, knee injuries, broken bones, head injuries and concussions, paraplegia, quadriplegia and even death.

Bicycle and Bike Accident Cases Often Require Special Expertise

Dealing with bicycle accident lawsuits often requires specialized experience to properly address the expenses of these injuries and preserve the cyclist’s rights. Bike and Bicycle riders often are taken victim from careless motorists, who aren’t aware of their rights to the road. Rob Maizel is an experienced bicycle accident attorney; and he understands the rights of bicyclists, because he is a racing cyclist, triathlete and marathon runner. (The Photo is Rob Maizel)

Your Bicycle Accident Specialist

Robert Maizel is a racing cyclist who understands the financial concern, as well as the pain and suffering that a bike accident can cause. Rob works hard for all injured cyclists who have become victim to careless motorists. His goal is to always get the compensation his clients deserve, including recovery for expenses, income replacement, bicycle replacement, medical bill compensation, and money for pain and suffering. Rob thoroughly investigates each individual bike accident case to arrive at the best settlement, or he will take the case to trial in order to win the compensation his clients deserve.

Rob Maizel knows bike accidents because he has been an avid racing cyclist for the past thirty years. Rob is a USCF licensed racer, triathlete, and marathon runner.  That photo is really me in a bike race…and I am even smiling!

Rob has sponsored other cyclists too. We were proud to sponsor to the avid racing cyclists at Tri-State Velo and L’Equipe DeVille cycling clubs the Philadelphia area. We are committed to cyclists and providing legal representation for bike riders.

How Can Robert Maizel Help You?

I am an experience trail lawyer at Saffren & Weinberg who regularly handles bicycle accident cases.  Our team investigates your claim to secure all of the information to help obtain a positive resolution to your case. No matter what your question, please feel free to call me at 215-695-3000 to discuss your case.  All consultations are free of charge.

Robert Maizel, Esquire

Robert Maizel is an Experienced Trial Attorney in Philadelphia with over fifteen years of trial experience.

You will speak to an attorney about your case!

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