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Attorney Robert Maizel has Achieved Several Million Dollar Verdicts and Settlements for his Clients, and is a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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Robert Maizel Verdicts and Results:

  • $3,350,000 Trial Verdict in Philadelphia County Against Mercy Hospital in a Security Guard Attack / Negligence Suit.  The injured party was attacked by a security guard who pulled him off an elevator for improperly parking his church van.  Our client suffered a broken hip requiring hip replacement surgery.  At the time of trial, our client was wheelchair bound because of his injuries.
  • $1,750,000 Settlement in Philadelphia County, Limited Tort Motor Vehicle Accident. The injured party was stopped on I-95 South for traffic when he was struck by a bus that failed to yield the right of way.  The injured party sustained a fractured pelvis that permanently affected his ability to walk and to work.
  • $1,300,000 Settlement after four (4) days of a trial in Newark, New Jersey. The injured party was attacked by a 175lb Mastiff that was housed at a shelter in Newark, NJ.  Robert Maizel overcame many obstacles at trial, including governmental immunity enjoyed by the shelter, and non-existent liability law to achieve this result.  Our client was brutally attacked resulting in numerous puncture wounds and a shattered leg requiring two surgeries to repair his leg.
  • $2,500,000 Settlement in a Mold Exposure Case where our client was exposed to Mold in her house following a water leak. The insurance carrier did not provide her with Alternative Living Expenses relegating the homeowner to reside in a mold infested house.  The homeowner then requires a double lung transplant because of the mold exposure.
  • $1,500,000 Settlement in an inter-sectional motor vehicle accident where one of our clients was killed upon impact, and the other seriously injured in the accident.  Through accident reconstruction, we were able to establish that the striking vehicle was responsible for the accident.
  • $625,000 Settlement of a Motor Vehicle accident / Dram Shop action where our client was killed by a drunk driver.  Our client was operating a motorcycle on New Years Eve and was struck by a driver who had been drinking at a restaurant in Philadelphia.  Robert Maizel was able to overcome the obstacle of proving that the driver of the striking car was visibly intoxicated at the time he was served alcohol at the restaurant.  This was extremely difficult because there were no witnesses who would testify against the driver of the vehicle, making our burden very hard to meet.
  • $450,000 Settlement of a Motor Vehicle / School Bus accident involving a special needs child who was a passenger on the School Bus.  This case was subject to the Pennsylvania Tort Claims Act limiting the monetary damages available to the injured student.  This case was complex, as there was an issue as to the liability on the part of the school bus driver.
  • $115,000 Settlement in a highly contested Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) failure to accommodate action being heard before an Administrative Judge with the EEOC. It was established that the employer had several jobs available that would have accommodated the plaintiff’s permanent disability condition, yet the employer failed to offer a single job to the plaintiff.
  • $152,000 Trial Verdict in a Highly Contested Philadelphia County Premises Liability Case where the injured party suffered three surgically repaired quadriceps muscles after stepping into an unmarked hole in a loading dock. It is fortunate that our client was able to return to work as a truck driver after his recovery from surgery.
  • $312,500 Settlement in Lancaster County for an Individual Injured by a Tractor Trailer who struck his Motor Vehicle.
  • $375,000 Settlement with the City of Philadelphia for an individual who slipped and fell on a broken brick crosswalk and manhole cover.  The Plaintiff required back surgery as a result of the fall.
  • $350,000 Settlement on the Court House Steps for an Individual Injured by a Tractor Trailer who struck his Work Truck. The injured victim suffered a disc herniation in his neck requiring surgical repair.
  • $275,000 Settlement after Mediation in a Highly Contested accident case where the injured party was hurt while on the job at a railroad site in the course and scope of his employment.  We were able to secure a settlement for the client beyond what was available through Workman’s Compensation Benefits, because we were able to prove that the client was working outside the usual and customary duties of his employment.
  • $125,000 Settlement in Lancaster County for an Individual Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident.
  • $250,000 Settlement of a sexual harassment case against a global employer for sex and pregnancy discrimination under Title VII.
  • $165,000 Settlement of a FMLA Violation case against an employer
  • $125,000 Settlement in a Delaware County Limited Tort Motor Vehicle Case where the injured party suffered a head injury resulting in post concussive syndrome. This settlement was the full amount of insurance available in this case.
  • $225,000 Settlement in Camden County for an Employment Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Case. Our client was forced to resign from her position at a car dealership because she was subjected to various sexual advances by her supervisor.
  • $186,300 Resolution in a Fire Damage Property Claim in Selinsgrove, PA. The property owner’s insurance company refused to pay the valid claim.  After suit was initiated, The property owner’s insurance company agreed to pay the full amount of the loss following extensive litigation.
  • $65,000.00 Binding Arbitration Award in a Contested Montgomery County Limited Tort Motor Vehicle Case.
  • $60,000 Trial Verdict in a Highly Contested Philadelphia County Limited Tort Motor Vehicle Case.  This verdict was extremely difficult to achieve because our client was subject to the Limited Tort Threshold on her own Motor Vehicle Insurance.  We were successful in proving that she suffered from a serious injury, as defined under the law to secure this verdict.
  • $60,000 Settlement in a Dram Shop Action in Philadelphia County.  Our client was the driver of a motor vehicle that was involved in a one car accident.  At the scene of the accident she had a blood alcohol level of 2.7 after imbibing for almost 4 hours at the responsible bar.  There were no independent witnesses to our client’s visible intoxication, yet through expert opinion from Dr. John Brick, I was able to establish the fact that our client would have been visibly intoxicated at the time of being served alcohol.

Robert Maizel is an Experienced Trial Attorney in Philadelphia with over fifteen years of trial experience.

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